Rustic House Leira Braulia

Guardia,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 649916610 Fax: +(34) 986422204

Price: 84 - 126 € (Average)

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Cordial rural cottage having a rustic design in heart of nature, would not dazzled you, but you will be satisfied if you are looking for somewhere to stay without great luxury. This choice will be a gift for our senses due to the high level of customer satisfaction demanded. Feel the ambience of every corner and delight yourself with the excellent gastronomy of the numerous restaurants around, relax on their common areas and possibility of practising outdoor activities. Ideal place for enjoying the regional cuisine and the local festivals.

Rustic House Leira Braulia
(36780) - Guardia (Spain)


Rustic House Leira Braulia Guardia 36780 Spain