Rustic House L'Acebal

Bimenes,  Spain

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Price: 46 € (Average)

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Rating by guests: 4.3 Based on 1 reviews

Graceful rural cottage having a classic design in heart of nature, exquisite kindness which will allow you to get the most from the wonderful experience of enjoying a few familiar peaceful days. You will be delighted by its high class ambience, enveloped by its warm atmosphere. At the end of your journey you can relax and enjoy from its common zones, has facilities for children and possibility of practising outdoor activities. Mark the footprint of your boot on all the paths of this mountain and admire the clearness of the sky, adorned with wandering stars of incandescent life.

Room Services
  • Rooms: 4
  • Washing machine
Main facilities
  • Rooms: 4
  • Parking: hotel owned
  • Central heating
  • Lounge
General services
  • Rooms: 4
  • Information not available
Rustic House L'Acebal
L'Acebal, 1 (33527) - Bimenes (Spain)



Overall rating:  4.3 Based on the last 1 of 1 reviews

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Rating by subject

  • Cleanliness: 10
  • Location: 10
  • Common facilities and services: 2.5
  • Staff: 10
  • Quietness: Not rated
  • Room: 5
  • Value for money: 2.5

August/2008 Someone from Valencia thinks:

  • Overall rating: 4.3
  • Would you recommend it? I don't know
  • Positive: Las vistas.
  • Negative: Que la zona de aparcamiento sea la cuneta de la carretera y que los dueños con dos niñas vivan allí (mucho ruido).
  • I RECOMMEND it for...
  • I recommend it especially AGAINST... Young travelers, Older travelers, Couples, Luxury, Peace seekers, Handicapped
  • Cleanliness: 10
  • Location: 10
  • Common facilities and services: 2.5 Los servicios comunes son mínimos, ya que compartes la casa con la familia. El salón es pequeño y tienen dos hijas. El aparcamiento es en la cuneta de la carretera y nosotros pinchamos allí una rueda a pesar de que nos dijeron que no había problema al quejarnos al llegar.
  • Staff: 10 Muy amables y conocen muy bien la zona, recomiendan muy bien a dónde ir.
  • Quietness: Not rated Con dos niñas hay toque de diana máximo a las nueve de la mañana. Olvida las siestas si te gustan.
  • Room: 5 Bien, chiquitina pero bien equipada. El problema es que el agua caliente dura poco.
  • Value for money: 2.5
Stars it deserves 2
Rustic House L'Acebal L'Acebal, 1 Bimenes 33527 Spain