Rustic House Hidalgo

Salamanca,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 923437582

Price: 200 € (Average)

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Having a classic design this rural cottage in heart of nature, would not dazzled you, but you will be satisfied if you are looking for somewhere to stay without great luxury. You will be delighted by its high class ambience, enveloped by its warm atmosphere. This hotel offers a wide variety of possibilities for practising outdoor activities. Blend yourself in with the surroundings and put daily life on hold, forgetting about the day to day obligations.  The mountain will be a silent witness to your experiences.

Rustic House Hidalgo
C/ Las Eras, 19 (37658) - Salamanca (Spain)


Rustic House Hidalgo C/ Las Eras, 19 Salamanca 37658 Spain