Hotel Tximista

Estella,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 948555870 Fax: +(34) 948555869

Price: 96 - 217 € (Average)

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Modern and cosy hotel that has been renovated from an old flour factory and is situated on the shores of the river Ega. Located on the Santiago way, this hotel is only 20 minutes from Pamplona. The original and peculiar design and decoration of this establishment fuses the avant-garde with the style of renovated factory site. The hotel houses single rooms. This is a 100% self-sustainable establishment, with solar panel and hydroelectric installations that generate all the energy that is consumed. This is a place where everything is designed to induce your relaxation, from the decoration to the restoration, and all sporting and cultural activities are at hand.

Hotel Tximista
C/ Zaldu, 15 (31200) - Estella (Spain)


Hotel Tximista C/ Zaldu, 15 Estella 31200 Spain