Hotel MELITI **

Paris 18e Arrondissement,  フランス

電話:: +(33) 0155790202 Fax:: +(33) 0155797545

ゲストレビュー: 1.2 Based on 全2件

  • お部屋: 41
  • インフォメーションがありません
  • お部屋: 41
  • エレベーター
  • お部屋: 41
  • インフォメーションがありません
30 rue Poulet (75018) - Paris 18e Arrondissement (フランス)



総合評価:  1.2 最新2件のユーザーレビュー平均(全2件)


  • はい。: 0.0%
  • いいえ。: 100%
  • わからない。: 0.0%


  • 清掃について: 1.2
  • 立地条件について: 2.5
  • 設備やサービスについて: 1.2
  • スタッフ: 2.5
  • 騒音について: 2.5
  • 客室について: 1.2
  • 満足度は?: 1.2

9月/2009 Someone from marseille 出身ユーザー:

  • 総合評価: 0.0
  • このホテルを勧めますか? いいえ。
  • ここが良かった: rien
  • ここが気に入らなかった: le perssonel
  • 特に勧める人は? 若者
  • 特に勧めない人は?
  • 清掃について: 採点なし
  • 立地条件について: 採点なし
  • 設備やサービスについて: 採点なし
  • スタッフ: 採点なし
  • 騒音について: 採点なし
  • 客室について: 採点なし
  • 満足度は?: 採点なし
実際に値する星の数は? 1

6月/2008 Someone from Glasgow, Scotland 出身ユーザー:

  • 総合評価: 2.4
  • このホテルを勧めますか? いいえ。
  • ここが良かった: Liked the fact that I was only there for 2 nights.
  • ここが気に入らなかった: The face that it was very shabby in quality and the staff were not too friendly
  • 特に勧める人は? 若者
  • 特に勧めない人は? 高齢者, 家族連れ, カップル, 高級感を好む人, 静かな場所を好む人, クラシックな雰囲気を好む人, モダンな雰囲気を好む人, 身体の不自由な人, 予算が低い人, 出張者, 車で旅をする人, ヘルシーな旅を求める人
  • 清掃について: 2.5 This Hotel was really very untidy and the rooms were pretty dirty, should only be a one star hotel at most.
  • 立地条件について: 5 The area was like downtown Baghdad, was in a very rough part just off the Boulevard Barbes, the streets surrounding was extremely dirty and the place was full of people that looked like they would rob you at anytime, our group felt quite unsafe.
  • 設備やサービスについて: 2.5 Facilities were sub standard to say the least. No towels at all in room, shower broken, toilet flush damaged, and the pillows were absolutely disgusting. The beds were soo soft it was like sleeping in a hammock. The room had a veranda to walk out on too, but the fence surrounding was very unsafe, a major problem being five floors up. Breakfast too was awful cold coffee and crusty croissants, staff didnt think that was a problem.
  • スタッフ: 5 The staff were not really friendly at all, just said hello and no more, they seemed as if it was a bit of an effort to be civil.
  • 騒音について: 5 It was a bit noisey until around 1.00am then it died away, so that was ok.
  • 客室について: 2.5 The room size wasnt too bad but you have a patio door right beside your bed, was very cold and uncomfortable
  • 満足度は?: 2.5 I felt the price was a bit of a ripoff, for the service you receive.
実際に値する星の数は? 2
Hotel MELITI 30 rue Poulet Paris 18e Arrondissement 75018 フランス