Hotel Isla Bella ***

Arnuero,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 942679306 Fax: +(34) 942679672

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Isla Bella is a modern hotel near of Arnuero, it provides maximum comfort and relaxation in a perfectly maintained environment to make your stay as pleasant as possible. All rooms include services like hydro-massage shower, room service, heating and air-conditioning and full bathroom. This choice will be a gift for our senses due to the high level of customer satisfaction demanded. It has a Spa where you can relax, it has an excellent restaurant service and we have function rooms for conventions and events available. Ideal place for relaxing and enjoying your sunny family holiday or with your partner by the sea.

Hotel Isla Bella
Paseo El Sabre, s/n (39195) - Arnuero (Spain)


Hotel Isla Bella Paseo El Sabre, s/n Arnuero 39195 Spain