Hotel Arturo Soria Centro

Madrid,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 914161175 Fax: +(34) 914161176

Price: 48 - 310 € (Average)

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This property is located in Madrid’s prestigious area of Arturo Soria, near Conde de Orgaz park and opposite the metro stop. The Arturo Soria Centro’s rooms are spacious and receive plenty of natural light. Here you can enjoy the hotel’s own gardens and terraces, where you can spend a quiet moment whilst still in Madrid’s historic heart. The hotel’s setting is convenient to the capital’s major business centres, such as Ifema, but also enjoys good connections to the main tourist sites of Madrid. Run by a non-profit organization, all profits made by the hotel are donated to help the handicapped. There are large rooms suitable for family bookings and longer stays.

Hotel Arturo Soria Centro
Arturo Soria, 147 (28043) - Madrid (Spain)


Hotel Arturo Soria Centro Arturo Soria, 147 Madrid 28043 Spain