Hostel Argentina

Madrid,  Spain

Phone: +(34) 915275229

Price: 17 - 22 € (Average)

Rating by guests: 4.4 Based on 2 reviews

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Hostel Argentina
Calle Méndez Álvaro, 14, 1º. (28045) - Madrid (Spain)



Overall rating:  4.4 Based on the last 2 of 2 reviews

Would you recommend this hotel?

  • Yes: 50%
  • No: 50%
  • I don't know: 0.0%

Rating by subject

  • Cleanliness: 6.2
  • Location: 6.2
  • Common facilities and services: 3.8
  • Staff: 5
  • Quietness: 5
  • Room: 2.5
  • Value for money: 3.8

September/2010 Someone from australia thinks:

  • Overall rating: 8.3
  • Would you recommend it? Yes
  • Positive: i had a quiet room, staff were pleasant late at night
  • Negative: rooms a little cramped
  • I RECOMMEND it for... Young travelers, Older travelers, Couples
  • I recommend it especially AGAINST... Luxury, Budget travelers
  • Cleanliness: 10 my room was spotless
  • Location: 10 close to the train station
  • Common facilities and services: 7.5 are we talking about the hall way and reception area?
  • Staff: 7.5 very nice when i arrived late at night
  • Quietness: 10 i had a back room and did not hear any noise
  • Room: 5 amenities were good but room was cramped overall
  • Value for money: 7.5 not sure of what to compare it with
Stars it deserves 3

February/2008 Someone from asturias thinks:

  • Overall rating: 0.4
  • Would you recommend it? No
  • Positive: nada
  • Negative: los baños comunes y el estado de la habitacion y el ruido de la calle que no me dejo dormir
  • I RECOMMEND it for...
  • I recommend it especially AGAINST... Young travelers, Older travelers, Families, Couples, Luxury, Peace seekers, Classic style lovers, Modern style lovers, Handicapped, Budget travelers, Business travelers, Travelers with a car, Healthy lifestyle
  • Cleanliness: 2.5 todo viejo, oscuro...
  • Location: 2.5 esta delante de atocha
  • Common facilities and services: Not rated los baños y duchas son comunes y antiguos
  • Staff: 2.5
  • Quietness: Not rated no pude dormir porque la ventana cerraba mal y se oia todo lo de la calle
  • Room: Not rated lo unico normal q tenia lavabo
  • Value for money: Not rated cuesta demasiado para lo que es. entenderia haber pagado 15 euros y encontrarme eso pero 30€ no. la verdad pasé muy mala noche y al día siguiente me esperaba un gran viaje
Stars it deserves 1
Hostel Argentina Calle Méndez Álvaro, 14, 1º. Madrid 28045 Spain