Apartment Best Windows

Venice,  Italy

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Price: 185 - 850 € (Average)

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How does it feel to stay in one of the world’s most renowned, appreciated urban settings, such as the beautiful Saint Mark Square in Venice? Find out at Best Windows. Best Windows is one of the rare luxury residences in Venice offering splendid suites overlooking St. Mark's Square, right inside the famous Clock Tower. The sumptuous suites, epitome of luxury and elegance, sit where eternal Venice flourishes among historic brocades, glass work and furnishings. Take advantage of the Jacuzzi hydro massage and check-in procedure directly in the suite, without having to wait at reception. Luggage transport from Saint Mark to the suite will be carried by the residence’s direct service.

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Apartment Best Windows
Piazza San Marco 144 (30124) - Venice (Italy)


Apartment Best Windows Piazza San Marco 144 Venice 30124 Italy